VW Beetle Bumpers

VW Beetle Front Bumpers

The VW Beetle front Beetle bumper has changed quite radically through the years. Up until 1967 (or 1973 on ‘1200’ models) a simple rounded-profile bumper was used, known as the 'blade bumper'. The US spec version of this early bumper was more intricate, with a narrow, round bar running above and parallel to the main bumper, connected by two upright ‘overriders’ – this US spec version is often referred to as the towel rail bumper>.

From 1968 onward, the ‘Europa bumper’ was fitted. This is wider and more angular in profile with an indented strip (usually black, and often covered with a thick rubber trim) along the centre. In 1974 the front indicators were removed from the wing tops and placed in the front bumper - as such, late Europa bumpers have a rectangular hole at each end. Late US spec Europa bumpers also fit differently, mounted on shock absorbers to better cushion impacts.

VW Beetle Rear Bumper

The rear VW Beetle rear bumper has also changed over time. European spec 'blade bumpers' looked much like the pre-67 front bumper, with a simple rounded profile. However, the US spec rear blade has two separate ‘towel rails’ – one at each end of the main bumper. The rear Europa bumper – fitted in 1968 – changed little from then on. Whilst slight differences in fit mean a different bumper is required for 1974 onwards models, they look visually similar - square in profile with an indented strip.

Again, US spec models from 1974 onwards were mounted on shock absorbers. In addition to stock parts for all these different styles of bumper, we also offer a wide range of styling parts, such as T-bars, trim, overriders, and ‘cages’ for Baja bugs and buggies. PLEASE NOTE: Some bumpers are available in differing qualities of chrome. For more details on the qualities of chrome products that we stock click here.

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