VW Beetle Accessories

VW Beetle Accessories

We stock a vast range of accessories for your classic VW Beetle. We have Wheel trims and accessories, exterior trims and gravel guards, interior accessories such as steering wheels and performance gear selectors and Retro Sound audio equipment. We have VW Beetle roof racks & luggage racks, coloured wing beading and mud flaps and sun visors and blinds, as well as more practical items such as car covers, tool kits and towing equpiment.

History Of The VW Beetle

Changes on the rest of the range included; new heater controls, axle changes, with torsion leaves being removed from the upper tube and added to the lower tubes, the bonnet was now opened from the inside via a Bowden style lockable cable, the decklid was no longer lockable, export models featured the two spoke “batwing” style steering wheel, and lighter colour interior fittings, the glove compartment materials were changed from metal to plastic, head gaskets were introduced, the clutch lever was reinforced, and a larger accelerator roller was fitted.

The rear decklid no longer featured a separate pressing for the license plate. Alongside the introduction of the export model, VW made a whole range of accessories available from either the factory as part of a new car, or via the dealer as aftermarket fittings. These included; chrome mirrors, handles, trims, bumpers and lamps, bud vases, luggage and cleaning products. The 1950 model Beetle was largely unchanged from the previous year, though Bosch headlamps replaced VW’s own brand versions.


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