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VW Beetle Cabrio Wheels

Buy your VW Beetle Cabriolet wheels here

If you are thinking of changing your VW Beetle Convertible wheels, you’ve come to the right place. Heritage Parts Centre are VW Beetle Cabrio wheel experts, offering a wide range of wheels for all soft top Volkswagen Beetle models, along with free expert advice on fitting.

Our collection of Convertible Beetle wheels includes O.E. (original equipment) steels to retain a stock look and an extensive selection of aftermarket VW Beetle Convertible alloy wheels for those wishing to change the look or personalise their Beetle soft top.

To browse or buy any of the Convertible Beetle alloy wheels on our website, follow the links below, or read on for further information.

Know your VW Karmann Cabriolet wheels

Firstly, it is important to know what type of Beetle Cabriolet wheels your car has. As with regular saloons, all models built up until 1967 used ‘wide five’ bolt pattern (5 bolt, 205mm PCD) Beetle wheels. When disc brakes were introduced on the 1500 model that year, all Karmann Cabriolet Beetles changed to a smaller (4 bolt, 130mm PCD) wheel bolt pattern.

After 1968, all standard and soft top Beetles were fitted with four-bolt wheels. The style of Beetle convertible steel wheels changed on later models but the bolt pattern did not, and all 4-bolt wheels are interchangeable.

It's also easy to fit other types of wheel using our range of re-drilled Beetle discs and drums, Cabrio Beetle PCD adapters and VW Beetle convertible wheel spacers.

If you are unsure what Beetle Cabriolet wheels you have, or how to fit a certain type of wheel, check with one of our knowledgeable sales staff via the ‘live chat’ button and we’ll find the right parts for you.

VW Beetle Cabriolet O.E. wheels

Heritage Parts Centre stock original style painted steel Beetle cabriolet wheels as well as chromed versions of both early wide 5 beetle cabriolet wheels and later 4-bolt Beetle steel wheels. These wheels accept all stock and aftermarket VW Beetle Cabriolet hubcaps, as well as wheel trim rings and Beetle convertible whitewall tyre inserts.

Volkswagen Beetle Convertible alloy wheels

At Heritage Parts Centre we specialise in all the most desirable aftermarket alloys, including Beetle Cabriolet Porsche Fuchs, BRMs and Sprintstars, as well as the classic EMPI style GT 5-spokes and 8-spokes. Most of these VW Beetle Cabrio alloy wheels designs are produced by SSP and are reconfigured to better fit Volkswagen Cabriolet Beetles and most are available in painted, chromed or polished finish.

VW Beetle Cabrio wheel accessories

As well as VW Beetle convertible wheels themselves, we have a huge stock of Beetle cabriolet trim rings, Karmann Beetle hubcaps, centre caps and all the correct types of Volkswagen Beetle convertible wheel bolts. If there’s a set of wheels you like the look of for your Karmann Cabriolet, but they aren’t available in your wheel bolt pattern, don’t worry our range of VW Beetle cabriolet wheel adaptors could hold the answer. Click on the ‘live chat’ button now, or call our sales team on 01273 444 000 at any time during UK business hours should you have any queries about your VW Beetle Cabrio wheels or what aftermarket rims will fit your Volkswagen Beetle convertible best.

History Of The VW Beetle

VW also charted 68 specially designed ships to ship 470,000 Beetles to various export markets, with the majority heading to the US. In 1964 VW brought a 50% holding in the Auto Union Motor company, including it’s new manufacturing plant in Ingolstadt, 18 months later they would buy complete control.

The VW 1300 made its debut in 1965, using the crank from the new 1500cc Type 3 motor, stroke was increased to 69mm from 64mm. A “VW1300” badge was added to the rear to distinguish them from the lesser 1200cc model. Also from the Type 3 was the new balljoint front suspension, replacing the previous king and link pin set-up, this resulted in a more comfortable ride.

The 1300 also received some improvements over the stock 1200 models, including; an extra vent for quicker screen defrosting, locks to stop the seat backrests moving forward, the return of the semi circle horn ring as well as a headlamp dip/dim switch on the indicator stalk. Late 1965 cars (66’ model year) received new slotted wheels.


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