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VW Beetle Cabrio Steering

Buy VW Beetle Cabriolet steering parts here

Heritage Parts Centre stock a huge range of Beetle Convertible steering parts, including everything from original style Cabriolet Beetle steering wheels through to VW Beetle Convertible steering boxes, tie rod kits, steering dampers and all the other mechanical parts that make up the classic air cooled Beetle Cabriolet steering system.

On top of this we also stock a huge selection of upgraded Beetle Cabrio steering wheels from respected name brands such as Flat 4, Nardi, Momo, Grant and Mountney.

View our extensive product range below, or read on to find out more about our range.

VW Beetle Convertible steering wheels.

Throughout production, the Beetle steering wheel was a design classic and, you can now retain that stylish look with one of a range of superb OE-style Beetle Cabriolet Flat 4 steering wheels. Available in different colours and styles, and with the correct Beetle Convertible horn push, these classic air-cooled steering wheels will be the perfect finishing touch on any Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet restoration.

Alternatively, we keep in stock superb quality reproductions of all popular upgrade Beetle Convertible steering wheels, from the iconic Speedwell wood rim steering wheel and Banjo steering wheels to the VW Beetle Cabrio EMPI GT steering wheel, alongside metalflake and chain link custom steering wheels in a range of sizes and colours. To ensure perfect fit we stock a full range of VW Beetle Cabriolet steering wheel bosses and hubs, just pick the one to suit your year of car.

Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet steering assembly

In addition to steering wheels, Heritage Parts Centre also stock a huge range of steering system components for soft-top Beetles of all ages, from VW Beetle Cabriolet tie rod components, Convertible Beetle steering dampers, Beetle Cabriolet steering columns and a comprehensive range of Karmann Beetle Cabriolet steering boxes (used on all pre-1974 Beetle Cabriolets, including 1302 and early 1303 models). For later models we can provide and Beetle Convertible steering racks for 1974 onwards vehicles.

If you are unsure what part you have or need, contact our experienced sales team who will be happy to advise and help you locate the right part. Click the ‘live chat’ button now or call us on 01273 444 000 during UK business hours.

History Of The VW Beetle

1964 was another landmark year in terms of exterior changes. The front windscreen grew another 28mm upwards, the rear screen was 20mm higher and 10mm wider. This time round the side windows grew too, with thinner A,B and C pillars this allowed the side glass to expand in all directions. The divider bar between the ¼ light and the main drop glass was slanted now, as opposed to vertical, and the window lifter mechanism was changed to a cable operation.

The engine deck-lid lock is now a self locking latch, as opposed to the previous T-handle. Heater controls are simplified with two levers by the handbrake, one for hot/cold and one for air distribution. Volkswagen invested 154.4 DM in the new Emden plant, and expanded their Port Elizabeth plant. Finally the law suit between the Sparkarte holders and VW drew to a climax, with the decision falling in the favour of the savers, each of the 89,000 savers were given a choice of a 600DM discount of a new VW1200, or a 100DM cash payment, as a result 18,000 cars were delivered, and 41,000 compensation payouts were made.


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