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VW Beetle Cabrio Hoods & Hood Frame Parts

Buy your VW Cabriolet hoods and Beetle hood frame parts here

At Heritage Parts Centre we specialise in Karmann Cabriolet parts and accessories, and stock a wide range of quality Convertible Beetle hoods, Beetle soft top hood covers and Volkswagen Beetle Cabrio hood frame parts and seals for repairs and restorations. Parts in this section are for the Beetle Convertible hood and hood frame only. Other items, such as the rubber seals that attach to the body can be found in the ‘body’ section.

Beetle Convertible hood outer covers and hood bags

We supply Cabrio Beetle hoods and soft top Beetle hood bags in three different styles: the excellent value TMI vinyl hoods; German-made, OE-style Stayfast vinyl and a range of colours in ultra high quality German-made Sonnenland VW Cabriolet roof fabric, as used on modern luxury convertible car roofs. VW Beetle Convertible hood bags come in a similar choice of materials, too.

We also offer headliners for all years of VW Beetle Cabrio in cloth and German-made vinyl, as well as Volkswagen Beetle Convertible hood padding kits to restore your car back to original spec.

In addition, we carry a huge range of Cabrio Beetle roof rubber seals, VW Beetle Cabriolet wooden header bows and rear window bows, soft top Beetle hinge covers, Beetle Cabrio tensioning cables and all the other hard-to-find VW Beetle Cabriolet roof parts to complete a Karmann Cabriolet restoration. If you can’t see what you are after, please call our sales team on 01273 444 000 at any time during UK business hours for assistance.

History Of The VW Beetle

1970 saw VW prepare for the introduction of a new model by releasing the 1302, essentially a hybrid of the original 1300 from the windscreen back, with the exception of the independent rear suspension, and 1303 forward of the screen. MacPherson struts were employed in the front suspension, replacing the original torsion beam design. As a result luggage capacity was increased from 140 to 260 litres.

The larger 1300/1600 engines required a more curved engine lid, new also was the through vent system, utilizing crescent shaped vents behind the rear windows which in conjunction with the fresh air ventilation allows draft free ventilation. On the new dashboard 2 vents, and adjustable vents allowed more effective ventilation. The new ventilation system was also available on the 1300/1500 models, but not the Sparkafer.

The new 1302 was available with a selection of engines ranging from 34-44bhp, the 1302S produced 50bhp from it’s 1600cc engine. A new starter motor/ignition circuit automatically turned off the lights when the starter was engaged.


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