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VW Beetle Cabrio Electrical

Volkswagen Beetle Convertible electric parts

If you are looking for electrical items, including VW Beetle convertible ignition parts, Beetle Cabriolet alternator, Karmann Cabriolet Beetle lights, gauges or anything to do with the classic Beetle Convertible electrics, you’ve come to the right place.

At Heritage Parts Centre we stock a huge range of VW Cabriolet Beetle electrical parts. Just follow the links below to the area of the electrical system you are interested in, or read on for further information on the different elements of the Volkswagen Beetle Cabrio electrical system. Our extensive range of Volkswagen Beetle convertible electrical parts include both stock and upgraded components, from simple replacement Beetle headlight bulbs to Cabriolet Beetle alternator conversion kits, complete Karmann Cabriolet replacement wiring looms, classic Beetle electrical accessories and VW Beetle performance ignition upgrade parts.

VW Beetle Cabrio wiring looms

Most Karmann Cabriolet Beetle wiring systems have been fiddled with at some point, and if not then they’re going to be pretty old by now, so we stock all you need to update and improve your classic Beetle Convertible wiring loom. From a replacement VW Beetle Cabrio headlamp switch, Cabrio Beetle brake light switch to a VW Beetle soft top wiper motor up to a partial or complete replacement Cabrio Beetle wiring loom, it’s all here.

Beetle Convertible starting and charging system.

Maybe you are having trouble with your charging system, or want to upgrade from a Beetle dynamo to a Cabriolet Beetle alternator kit? Perhaps you need a new Beetle Cabrio fan belt, a voltage regulator, or want to undertake a complete Volkswagen Beetle Convertible 12 volt conversion? If so, we have what you need. Struggling to get your Beetle cabriolet started? We have a selection of Beetle convertible starter motors, bushes and wiring upgrades to make this a thing of the past.

Volkswagen Beetle Convertible HT Leads.

Got a running problem, or carrying out a service? We stock the 100s of the simple things like points, condensers, Convertible VW Beetle distributor caps and Cabrio Beetle distributors through to VW Beetle Cabrio ignition switches and Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet HT Leads and spark plugs to suit all aircooled engine sizes.

If you want to improve or uprate your ignition system, we recommend classic Beetle performance ignition upgrades like 009 distributors, and Beetle Cabriolet electronic ignition systems such as the Pertronix Ignitor range.

Karmann Cabriolet headlights, tail lights and lamps

At Heritage we sell all standard Cabrio Beetle bulbs, stock and higher output Beetle Convertible headlights and Beetle Cabrio tail light assemblies, as well as all the seals, bulb holders, Cabrio Beetle headlamp rings, lenses and everything else you could need to bring your Karmann Cabriolet’s lighting system up to scratch.

If you suspect an electrical problem, we also have Cabrio Beetle brake light and reverse light switches, as well as convertible Beetle fuses and relays. Should you wish to modify your Beetle Cabriolet, we also hold stock of popular upgrades such as Beetle Cabriolet US-spec headlights and a full range of custom Cabrio Beetle tail lights.

Beetle Cabriolet indicators

Karmann Cabriolet indicators changed style and position over the years. The earliest had VW Convertible semaphore indicators, the latest had more visible bumper-mounted indicators and ‘elephants feet’ rear lights with integral indicators. We stock all the VW convertible indicator parts you might need, including VW Cabriolet bullet front indicators, Beetle convertible indicator switches, indicator relays and specialist items such as semaphore flasher relays, together with a huge range of custom Beetle indicator options.

Convertible Beetle horns and stereo equipment

We carry a comprehensive range of 6 and 12 volt Beetle Cabrio horn parts, as well as the full range of VW Beetle Cabrio radios. With their stylish classic-style Cabrio Beetle radios, faceplates and specially designed air-cooled Beetle Convertible speakers, RetroSound offers the perfect solution to a Karmann Cabriolet Beetle stereo upgrade. Finally, why not take advantage of our range of Beetle Cabriolet sound deadening products to really make the most of your VW Convertible Beetle stereo upgrade.

VW Cabrio Beetle gauges.

Heritage hold in stock a huge range of Beetle Cabriolet gauges, together with the senders, brackets and mounting cups to enable you to put them wherever you desire. Choose from stock replacement Cabrio Beetle gauges to retro-style Smiths digital speedos and the classic Dehne fuel gauge to classy replacement Cabrio Beetle gauges from VDO and performance-orientated Autometer gauges. If you have any questions about any of our extensive range of VW Beetle Cabriolet electrical parts, just click on the ‘live chat’ button or call our dedicated sales team on 01273 444 000.

History Of The VW Beetle

February 1972 was a world record beating day for one particular 1302S Beetle, being the 15,007,034th Beetle made, the car had now overtaken the production figures for the Model T Ford. The 1302 was left unchanged for the ’72 model, as in August (therefore the ’73 model year) the new 1303 was to be launched.

Following on from the 1302, the 1303 featured the IRS and MacPherson front ends, but with a remodeled body. This new “Big Beetle” had a curved windscreen, as a result the bonnet was shorter, losing the VW badge that had become familiar. New large rear lights nicknamed “elephants feet” were another identifying feature of the new model. The Cabrio now reflected the changes in the hardtop.

The two economy models, the 1200 and 1300 stayed with the original style body and suspension set-ups. The interior of the new car was very different too, a new padded dashboard with new dials, improved ventilation and deformable surfaces were all included. New seat designs with a 3 legged subframe, offered another safety improvement, as well as increasing adjustment by 6cm, and allowing 77 different seat positions.


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