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VW Beetle Cabrio Bumpers

VW Cabriolet Beetle bumpers and bumper parts

Volkswagen Beetle Convertible bumpers come in different shapes and sizes, so below you will find a useful guide to the different VW Cabriolet bumpers we stock. As well as the bumpers themselves, we carry a huge range of classic Beetle Convertible bumper parts and soft top Beetle bumper accessories, including Karmann Cabriolet bumper overriders, US-spec Beetle Cabriolet bumper end caps, bumper iron seals and bumper mouldings, and conversion irons so you can bolt early Beetle Convertible blade bumpers to your later Beetle Convertible model. Our extensive range of replacement Beetle Cabriolet bumpers includes everything from painted steel Beetle Cabrio bumpers through different grades of chrome Beetle Convertible bumpers to high quality stainless steel Karmann Cabriolet Beetle bumpers. We also offer all the Beetle Cabrio bumper irons, bolts and bumper grommets you need to fit them.

VW Beetle Cabriolet front bumpers

The simple, rounded VW Beetle ‘blade’ bumper was used from 1953 up to the end of the1967 model year, and on late 1200 Beetles until the end of production in 1973. Cabriolet Beetle Blade bumpers are interchangeable on all these models, and can be fitted to other Beetle Convertibles using VW Beetle bumper conversion irons. The US-spec Beetle Cabriolet towel rail bumper is based on the blade bumper, but has additional round bars above the main blade, with taller overriders and two supporting stays through the car’s bodywork. This was also used from 1953-1967, but can be retro-fitted to later Beetle Cabriolets using conversion irons.

The Beetle Convertible Europa bumper arrived in 1968 and all Karmann Cabriolet bumpers were of this type. With a chunky, square profile and a black vinyl sticker or thick rubber trim through the centre, the heavier Beetle Cabrio Europa bumper offers more protection Europa bumpers were used on all Karmann Cabriolet Beetles until the end of Beetle production.

In 1974, Beetle Cabriolet front indicators migrated to the front bumper and these Karmann Cabriolet Europa bumpers have rectangular holes at each end for the indicators.

Lastly, Europa US-spec Karmann Cabriolet bumpers have large plastic bumper end caps and use heavy shock absorber mountings and larger, triangular Beetle Convertible bumper grommets.

Volkswagen Beetle Convertible rear bumper guide

Though similar in outward appearance, Cabrio Beetle rear bumpers are more curved to follow the rear bodywork. Changes in Karmann Cabriolet rear bumpers follow those outlined for the soft top Beetle front bumpers above. Things to note are US-spec Karmann Cabriolet rear bumpers have separate ‘towel rails’ at each end, rather than a single one running the length of the Beetle blade bumper. All late model Cabrio Beetle Europa rear bumpers changed slightly in 1974 as bodywork and tail lights changed, and all US-spec Karmann Cabriolet rear bumpers from 1974 onwards use the larger, triangular Cabrio Beetle bumper iron grommets and telescopic Beetle Convertible bumper irons.

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