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VW Beetle Cabrio Engine 1200-1600cc

Buy VW Beetle Cabriolet engines and aircooled engine spare parts here

Heritage are here for all your air-cooled Volkswagen engine needs, whether it’s a replacement Beetle engine gasket set, a complete stock Beetle Convertible engine remanufactured to original VW specification or engine tuning parts to improve power or reliability, it’s all here. Just follow the links below to browse and buy the Karmann Cabriolet engine parts you need, or read on for further information on our extensive range of VW Beetle Cabrio engine parts.

Complete Beetle Cabriolet engines

We stock the fantastic SSP range of Beetle Cabriolet engines including 1300cc, 1500cc and 1600cc single-port versions and twin-port 1300cc and 1600c. We also offer the bigger capacity 1641cc and 1776cc air cooled Beetle convertible engines for those wishing to improve the performance of their classic air-cooled cabriolet.

All our SSP Aircooled VW engines are covered by our market leading two-year warranty.

Many Beetle Cabriolet engines have been changed over the years so, if you are unsure which engine size you have, please check the code on your engine crankcase and refer to the chart below:

D 8/65> 34BHP
1300SP F 8/65 - 7/70
1300TP AB 8/70 - 7/73
1300TP AR* 8/73 - 7/75
1500SP H 8/65 - 7/70
1500SP L 8/66 - 7/70 40BHP
1600SP B 8/68 - 8/70 40BHP
1600TP AD 8/70 - 7/73 50BHP
1600TP AE 8/70 - 12/72 50BHP
1600TP AF 8/70 - 9/92 46BHP
1600TP AH 8/71 - 7/74 47BHP
1600TP AJ 8/74 - 1/80 50BHP
1600TP AK 8/72 - 7/74 47BHP
1600TP AS 8/73 - 1/80 50BHP

NB: SP denotes single port, TP denotes twin port.

Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet engine parts

All the Karmann Cabriolet Beetle engine parts you could wish for under one roof, from a complete range of stock VW Convertible Beetle engine parts from oil strainer gasket kits, top end rebuild kits and stock cylinder heads to a brand new crankcase. Cabriolet Beetle cylinder heads, camshafts and classic air-cooled Beetle cabriolet tinware along with Beetle oil system parts and all the Beetle convertible engine spares you could ever require!

VW Beetle Convertible performance engine parts

As well as the full range of Convertible Beetle genuine engine parts Heritgae also offer a huge selection of VW Beetle performance engine parts from industry leading brands such as CB Performance, CSP, Bugpack, EMPI, BMD and Scat. Amongst the parts on offer are new Karmann Convertible Beetle engine cases, CB Performance aluminium race cases, aftermarket Cabriolet Beetle stroker crankshafts, VW Beetle forged piston and barrels in various sizes and Karmann Beetle camshafts and cylinder heads. We have everything from stock classic Beetle engine spec to all you need to build a high performance Beetle Cabriolet engine.

If you need advice on parts choice or compatibility, or can’t find the part you require, click on the ‘live chat’ button or call our sales team on 01273 444 000 at any time during UK business hours.

History Of The VW Beetle

1954 brought a new engine for the Beetle, top speed was increased to 68mph, and power was increased from 25hp to 30hp. The majority of the rest of the vehicle remained the same as the previous years.

The second “Hunderttausender” meeting took place, a club specifically for Beetle owners whose cars had covered more than 100,000km on their original engine, attended by Nordhoff, he announced “ We are still convinced that I will say it over and over again, since again and again absolutely senseless rumors arise of a new Volkswagen – that blessing lies not in bolder and more magnificent new designs, but in the consistent and tireless redevelopment of every tiny detail until perfection is achieved, which is the mark of a truly astonishing car and which truly brings astonishing success.”


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