VW Bay Bus Pedals, Cables, Hand Controls

VW Bus Handbrakes 1968-79

We stock a selection of handbrake parts for your Camper, ranging from sleeves and gaiters to complete chrome handbrake assemblies. We also stock parts for the hub end of the handbrake system, such as lever arms and clips and cables.

VW Bus Foot Pedals and cables

We also stock 1968-79 VW Bus clutch cable brake hoses and VW Bus accelerator cables 1968-79. Combined with our pedal assembly products such as pedal covers and full linkage kits, you will be able to fully refit your van’s hand and foot controls.

VW Bus Gear Selector

Our gear selector range includes complete shift sticks ball joint/socket components – as well as high performance and ‘quick shift’ gear shifters and gear stick heads from CSP, Scat and EMPI. We also stock parts for the entire selector mechanism, including gear linkage and bushes. If you have any questions about your Bus hand and foot controls or if you can’t find the part you need contact us today and we will be happy to help. Call our sales team on 01273 444 000 or clicking on the ‘live chat’ button.

History Of The VW Bay Window Transporter (T2)

Type 24 Micro Bus L

Essentially the same as Type 22, but with added M-codes (optional extras). The deluxe bus had the following options over the standard microbus; steel sliding sun roof (until 1974), dash mounted clock, vent windows in the doors, bump strips on the bumpers, jailbars on rear and side windows, a chrome set (including badges, window trims and a belt-line trim) and trim rings on the windows. Not all these extras appeared on all model years, but is more an overview of the extras fitted to the Deluxe through the years. In 1974, the Type 24 moniker was dropped, and the Deluxe became and M-coded variant of the Type 22.

Type 26 Pick-Up

Single Cab – One cargo door under the pick up bed, metal dropsides, spare tyre stored under the bench seat. The cab featured a single seat for the driver, then a 2 seater bench seat. Twin Cab – Same configuration for the front of the cab, then a 3 seater bench in the rear section of the cab, spare tyre stored under the bench seat, single door to rear compartment on passenger side. Fibreboard side panels, and one heater outlet to rear of cab. Not dissimilar in base specification to a Type 22, but with the addition of a bulkhead between the cab and the passenger area, with a sliding window, the spare tyre was located under the bench seat in the cabin.


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