VW Bay Bus Electrical

VW Camper Van Electrical System

Our parts for campers include both stock and aftermarket components. We offer the following parts:


We stock ignition switches, starter motors (both standard and high torque), ignition coils (original Bosch blues and Pertronix flamethrowers) and ignition leads (standard, Bosch, coloured, over-braided and Pertronix Flamethrower). We also supply complete distributors, as well as separate caps, points, rotor arms and condensers. You could upgrade to a complete electronic ignition system, such as the Pertronix Ignitor or Second Strike.

Charging System

Dynamos and alternators, plus complete alternator conversion kits. We also supply voltage regulators, split charge relays (for high-drain stereo systems, etc) and battery clamps, covers & terminals.


Speedos, tachos, fuel gauges, volt meters, amp meters and oil temp gauges in a wide range of styles from both VDO and Autometer. Plus all necessary senders (specially tailored to suit air-cooled VW’s) and mounting cups and brackets.

Headlamps and Tailights

We sell all standard types, and also US Spec. All switches and relays are also stocked, as are number plate and reversing lights.


Everything you need for both 'low light' and late Bay indicators. All switches, indicator arms and relays are also stocked.


Standard horns, plus klaxon, bull and Nautilus horns. We also supply multi-horn musical horns complete with compressor, hose and hardware.

Wipe and Wash

Wash/wipe switches and knobs, washer bottles and jets, along with wiper motors, arms, spindles and blades.

We have many more VW bus electrical elements such as fuse boxes, looms and aerials. Just speak to one of our team about your needs on 01273 444 000 during UK business hours. You can also talk to us right now with our ‘live chat’ function and we’d be happy to help you choose the right products for your car.

History Of The VW Bay Window Transporter (T2)

In 1983 the Brazilian buses were brought up to c.1973 European model specification with the addition of disc brakes and seat belts. 1985 saw the diesel and double cab models axed and in 2000 the pickup was removed from the lineup. In 1997 VWB announced the new Kombi, now recognizable as a European spec Bay. Save for a slightly raised roofline, a new steering wheel and some other detail changes.

Two engine options were available on the new bus, 1 fuelled by Methanol, the other being the venerable Type 1 1600cc mill. These revised Type 2’s were available in 5 different configurations; School Bus, Panel Van, Kombi Minibus, Kombi and an ambulance version. The Kombi can only be ordered in white, but once every two months, one day’s worth of production is finished in Silver.


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