Seat Mount Kit Slide/Tilt, Pair Universal AC8852645 > Beetle 1950-1979

Seat Mount Kit Slide/Tilt, Pair Universal

Seat Mount Kit Slide/Tilt, Pair Universal > Beetle 1950-1979

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Part Code: AC8852645


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Race Trim seat mount kit. The kit includes 2x seat base/frames, 1x sliding mechanism and 1x tilt/sliding mechanism with hardware.

These subframe assemblies can be used with many different aftermarket seats. They are supplied in pairs in two different ways. Either both mounts have a sliding adjustment or one mount has a different slider and one mount has a tilt for rear seat access. For UK MOT purposes the drivers seat should always have a slide adjustment


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Designed to fit Race Trim seats on a T1 floorpan but can be used with other aftermarket seats. The tilt mechanism should be fitted to the passenger side.

For Vehicles

Beetle 1950-1979

Product Questions

How high does this sit the seat from the floorpan? Are the seat brackets for base or side mount seats?
Question by: Dominic A Whitehead on 11 Jun 2019 13:34:00
These are designed for the Race Trim seats, which mount on the side. Once installed, the seat base is approx 9" from the Floorpan.
Answer by: Nick Bitton (Admin) on 11 Jun 2019 14:23:00