Dropped Spindles For Drum Brakes AC4063 >

Dropped Spindles For Drum Brakes
Dropped Spindles For Drum Brakes Dropped Spindles For Drum Brakes

Dropped Spindles For Drum Brakes >

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Dropped spindles for use with front 4x130 drum brakes on Balljoint suspension models. They lower the vehicle by 2.5 inches and increase the track by 1/2 inch per side. The track increase can cause problem if you are running wide front wheels


Good Quality


For pre 1968 model, the inner bearing will need replacing with 311-405-625\/E and inner tie rod ends with 311-415-811\/C and 311-415-812\/C


Lowers by 2.5'', increases the track 1/2'' per side.


6.6200 kg

For Vehicles

Beetle 1966-1979 | Beetle Cabrio 1966-1970 | Karmann Ghia 1966-1974

Product Questions

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I have a standard balljoint beetle with a stock axle beam. I was considering fitting 2.5" lowered splines and leaving the rear suspension stock. Running 4.5" standard style wheels on the front with 155 tyres, would this set up not affect steering / suspension and would tyre rub at the front be avoided?
Question by: Chris on 28 Dec 2017 13:58:00
That sounds like it should work, however, you should always get your vehicle measured up for wheel and tyre fitment by your tyre fitter to ensure adequate clearance on your particular vehicle so we are unable to advise either way unfortunately.
Answer by: Eliot Pocock (Admin) on 28 Dec 2017 16:11:00
can u have item drop spindels for ball joint for my beetle 66 but still use 5x205 drum brake, or I can use this item?
Question by: Hadi Sugiarto Arifin on 14 Aug 2018 10:04:00
You can. You will need #311415811C and 31141158152C outer tie rod ends and 311405625E inner bearings
Answer by: Ben Pascoe (Admin) on 14 Aug 2018 10:55:00
Are these cast steel or cast iron
Question by: roger Cousens on 26 Jan 2019 15:48:00
cast steel
Answer by: Nick Bitton (Admin) on 28 Jan 2019 10:16:00