Rancho Freeway Flyer Gearbox 3.88 Final Drive AC300211FF > T2 Split 1960-1967

Rancho Freeway Flyer Gearbox 3.88 Final Drive

Rancho Freeway Flyer Gearbox 3.88 Final Drive > T2 Split 1960-1967

Rancho Performance Transaxles Product

Part Code: AC300211FF


* This is a Special Order item. We will order it for you immediately, but it may take up to six weeks to arrive, unless it is a TMI part, which may take up to 12 weeks to arrive.



Rancho re-manufactured T2 Split ''211 Freeway Flyer'' gearbox for '60-'67 Splitscreen with reduction hubs.
A standard strength gearbox but fitted with a high ratio 3.88 ring & pinion to reduce engine RPM at higher speeds.
Ideal for early vehicles with performance Type1/2 engine who wish to retain the reduction hubs.
Supplied with late clutch tube so use later clutch. Clearanced for 12V/130tooth flywheel and fitted with 12V starter bushing.

1 year parts only warranty. Terms and conditions apply.

Please note:
An additional exchange surcharge (£600+Vat) is charged at sale which is refunded on return of old unit in rebuild-able condition [This means: Be any 211 box, be complete & assembled, have use-able ring & pinion, have no damage to case, turn-over by hand, and be drained of oil. Must include nose cone, output flanges, an input shaft, and bell housing. If in doubt then please call to discuss before ordering]


Top Quality


You will need to update to the later clutch type and use a 12V flywheel\/starter motor if not already done so


Ring & Pinion = 3.88 4th gear = 0.89 Late clutch release 12V starter bush Ring & Pinion flipped to work with standard reduction boxes


30.5000 kg

For Vehicles

T2 Split 1960-1967

Product Questions

i want to upgrade my '67 split [12v] as we do a lot of highway /motorway miles ,but have concern regarding the lack of revs for the fan ,the engine pulls well as its a 1600 & originally thought just a higher top gear was preferable,but now having seen yours available have some doubt.
do you have any real experience of the performance of this conversion?
Question by: nick on 20 May 2017 22:16:00
They are used across the US in hot areas such as California, Arizone and Nevada. Providing you have your engine bay seals in place there shouldn't be an issue
Answer by: Ben P (Admin) on 22 May 2017 12:59:00