Rancho Freeway Flyer Gearbox IRS 3.875 Final Drive AC300044FF >

Rancho Freeway Flyer Gearbox IRS 3.875 Final Drive

Rancho Freeway Flyer Gearbox IRS 3.875 Final Drive >

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Rancho re-manufactured T1 (Beetle) IRS ''Freeway Flyer'' gearbox.
A standard strength gearbox but fitted with a high ratio 3.875 ring & pinion and higher 0.82 4th gear to reduce engine RPM at higher speeds.
Dual early & late Beetle conversion front mount, late clutch release, 12V starter bush.

1 year parts only warranty. Terms and conditions apply.

Please note:
An additional exchange surcharge (£250+Vat) is charged at sale which is refunded on return of old unit in rebuild-able condition [This means: Be the same spec/type as supplied, be complete & assembled, have use-able ring & pinion, have no damage to case, turn-over by hand, and be drained of oil. Must include nose cone. If in doubt then please call to discuss before ordering]

Customers are advised to bear in mind when ordering that due to the age and condition of the gearbox cores that are available (remember they are all now 40+ years old) re-manufactured gearboxes will be noisier than a gearbox was when fitted new. This is due to wear and tear on some components which are not available new, this does not affect the operation of the gearbox.


Top Quality


When used in vehicles up to '70 you must update to the later clutch type. Can be used in Splitscreen if you swap to a spiltscreen nose cone.


Ring & Pinion = 3.875 4th gear = 0.82 2 & 3-bolt nose cone Late clutch release


33.0000 kg

For Vehicles

Beetle 1968-1979 | Beetle Cabrio 1968-1979 | Karmann Ghia 1968-1974 | Type 3 1968-1973

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