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Rotary Electric Fuel Pump
Rotary Electric Fuel Pump Rotary Electric Fuel Pump

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Performance 12 volt rotary electric fuel pump. Self regulating with a pre pump fuel filter and mounting clamp included. This is a quiet running pump with an internal pressure regulator that supplies a constant 3 1/2 PSI of fuel pressure with a flow of up to 30 gallons an hour.

High performance engines and larger carburettors usually require more fuel than a stock fuel pump can provide.

2 wire connection, earth & live. Live can be connected to the coil positive as the connection is switched. An electric cut off kit is available if required (AC127219), This pump needs to be fitted lower than the lowest part of the fuel tank to work properly.

Please note this pump is not a fuel injection pump, it is designed for use with carburettors.


Top Quality


8mm diameter Inlet & Outlet 12v 3.5 PSI 30 Gallons per hour.


0.5262 kg

For Vehicles

Beetle 1951-1979 | Beetle Cabrio 1950-1979 | Caddy 1983-1992 | Golf Cabrio 1979-1992 | Golf Mk1 1975-1983 | Golf Mk2 1984-1991 | Karmann Ghia 1960-1974 | Scirocco 1974-1989 | T2 Bay 1968-1979 | T2 Split 1950-1967 | Type 3 1962-1973

Product Questions

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will this kit be suitable for a twin 36 Dellorto setup without the need for a regulator?
Question by: Wayne on 17 Apr 2018 19:06:00
Yes it will.
Answer by: Ben Pascoe (Admin) on 18 Apr 2018 09:25:00
Hello.. Its fixed on mk1 1800 gti?
Question by: Stefanos Giakoumi on 14 Oct 2019 11:08:00
This is designed for use with carbs, not Injection systems.
Answer by: Nick Bitton (Admin) on 15 Oct 2019 08:15:00
Will this setup be fine for a 2.0l CU engine with a single soles carb? And do I need a relay for it? I recently bought the van and it has a pump that just runs continuously when the ignition is on.
Cheers Chris
Question by: Chris Marquis on 24 Jun 2019 11:28:00
No relay required, this will also run continuously with the ignition on. The important thing is that your carburettor float is set correctly so you don't flood the engine with fuel
Answer by: Ben Pascoe (Admin) on 24 Jun 2019 11:41:00
Hi, will this pump be suitable for a twin Weber 34ITC on a type4 1700cc set up. And if so will it require a regulator.
Question by: Philip Connolly on 3 May 2018 22:49:00
It will work fine without a regulator
Answer by: Ben Pascoe (Admin) on 4 May 2018 10:19:00

Will this product be ideal for my Solex 30/31 single carb 1600SP engine set up?


Question by: Dan Cartwright on 30 Aug 2017 15:01:00
It's a bit excessive. A stock pump is sufficient
Answer by: Ben P (Admin) on 30 Aug 2017 15:04:00