G60 Style Steel Wheel, 15x6 357601025M >

G60 Style Steel Wheel, 15x6

G60 Style Steel Wheel, 15x6 >

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G60 style steel wheel, 15x6 inches. ET35. With a 4x100 stud pattern. TUV approved

Here at Heritage Parts Centre we aim to be as honest as possible with our customers with regards to product quality. Although these are brand-new wheels, due to the way they are manufactured and handled in the factory there may be some minor defects to the paint finish including small weld splatters. If being fitted to a show car you may wish to have the wheels refinished. Unfortunately, at this time these are all that are available.




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For Vehicles

Caddy 1983-1992 | Corrado 1989-1995 | Golf Cabrio 1979-1993 | Golf Mk1 1975-1983 | Golf Mk2 1984-1992 | Golf Mk3 1992-1998 | Polo 1975-1994 | Polo 6N 1995-2002 | Scirocco 1974-1992

Product Questions

Hi, my name is Nuno and I´m from Portugal. I recently bought a set of 3 G60 Rims. So I need one more. Do you guys know when you´ll have them back in stock?

Thanks and best regards,
Nuno Pires
Question by: Nuno Pires on 25 May 2019 11:27:00
At the moment we don't have a confirmed delivery date for more of these items.
Answer by: Nick Bitton (Admin) on 28 May 2019 10:54:00