Westfalia Stainless Steel Hinges Pair 231999071 > T2 Bay 1968-1972

Westfalia Stainless Steel Hinges Pair

Westfalia Stainless Steel Hinges Pair > T2 Bay 1968-1972

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Westfalia stainless steel roof hinges

For 1968 to 1972 Westfalia model with forward facing hinges.

Stainless steel Westfalia roof hinges supplied as a pair, made from stainless steel with stainless fastenings, with nylon washers and bushes to give a nice smooth open and close action.

The old galvanised steel originals are no longer available and many buses now suffer with bent cross brace tubes, these units have thick flat cross brace bars as later models have.

Kit comes with new internal roof strengthener just in case your old ones have issues with threads or corrosion etc. You will also get a set of 6 bolts and washers to mount the hinges to the roof.


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T2 Bay 1968-1972

Product Questions

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Do you also supply the set of 4 bolts and washers to mount the hinges to the fibreglass part of the roof?
Question by: Ralph Roden on 24 Apr 2019 14:31:00
Sorry, not something we currently list. A general diy shop should be able to help with the correct versions
Answer by: Nick Bitton (Admin) on 26 Apr 2019 11:39:00
Is the price for a pair of hinges (2), or a single hinge (1)?
Question by: scott simmons on 3 Jun 2017 04:37:00

Yes these hinges are supplied as a pair.
Answer by: Anna R (Admin) on 5 Jun 2017 09:16:00
You say 'forward facing hinges'. Is it for top hinging at the front or the rear?
Question by: B on 1 Jun 2018 21:40:00
These hinges mount at the front of the roof for Westfalia models made between 1968 and 1972. The 'early' Westfalia roofs hinge at the front, the later models are hinged at the rear of the van, above the tailgate.
Answer by: Andy Gregory (Admin) on 2 Jun 2018 10:28:00