Servo Repair Kit for Semi-Automatic Gearbox 113142055RK >

Servo Repair Kit for Semi-Automatic Gearbox

Servo Repair Kit for Semi-Automatic Gearbox >

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Servo repair kit for semi automatic gearbox

The clutch control servo is operated by means of a vacuum, over time the membrane inside the servo becomes worn or split causing the servo not to operate, as it should. Volkswagen never sold this part separately and a complete new servo was the only solution to fixing the problem. With this replacement membrane you will have the servo working again as it should.


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To fit, remove the metal strap that holds the servo together and replace the diaphragm. A new metal clamp is supplied to finish the reassembling process.

For Vehicles

Beetle 1965-1974 | Beetle Cabrio 1968-1974 | Karmann Ghia 1968-1974

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