Engine Gasket Set 30hp 111198003G >

Engine Gasket Set 30hp

Engine Gasket Set 30hp >

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Part Code: 111198003G


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Engine gasket set for 30hp engines

2x Rocker cover gaskets
4x Head to barrel copper crush rings
4x Barrel to head gaskets
2x Fuel pump gaskets
2x Sump gaskets
1x Oil pump cover gasket
2x oil pump to case gaskets
4x Exhaust gaskets
2x Pre heat gaskets
16x Pushrod tube seals
1x Distributor seal
2x Oil cooler seals
1x Sump plug crush washer
1x oil pressure crush washer
6x Paper washers M10
2x Paper washers M8
2x Inlet manifold crush washers


Top Quality


Does not include Flywheel oil seal - purchase separately 111-105-245 or paper flywheel to crank seal


0.1500 kg

For Vehicles

Beetle 1953-1959 | Beetle Cabrio 1953-1960 | T2 Split 1953-1959

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