Hydraulic Camshaft Follower 050109309H >

Hydraulic Camshaft Follower

Hydraulic Camshaft Follower >

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Part Code: 050109309H


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Cam follower. Please check your engine code and how many you require. You will need 8 for 4 cylinder engines and 10 for 5 cylinder.

To fit
Corrado G60 PG, 2.0 ADY from ADY 000 779>> and 2.0 2E engine code from 2E 565 665>>
MK3 Golf 1.4-2.0 engine codes AEX, AEE, AEP, AEK, AFT, ADZ, AAM, ADY, AGG, ACC
T4 engines 2.0 Petrol 4 Cylinder and diesel 4 Cylinder Codes AXA 1900 ABL, AAV, ABL, AAC, ACU
T4 engines 5 Cylinder Codes AET, AEU, APL. AVT, ACU
Mk4 Golf 1.6 AEH, AKL, APF, 2.0 AQY, APK, AZH, AZG, 1.9 Diesel AGP, AQM, AGR, ALH, AHF, ASV
Polo 1.0-2.0 AER, ALL, ADX, AEX, ANX, APQ, AKV, AEA, AEE, AHS, 1.9 Diesel ASY


Top Quality


Same as 050-109-309\/J


0.0850 kg

For Vehicles

Corrado 1989-1995 | Golf Mk3 1992-1998 | Golf Mk4 1998-2004 | T4 1991-2003

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