Main Bearing Thrust Washer Set 026198421 >

Main Bearing Thrust Washer Set

Main Bearing Thrust Washer Set >

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Main bearing thrust washer set

To fit
T25 - Diesel KY, JX
Corrado - all 4 cylinder KR, PG, 9A, 2E, ADY
Mk2 Golf - 1.6-1.8 including diesel, EZ, GU, RV, KR, PL, RP, RF, PB, RH, PN, PF, JP, ME, JR, MF, RA
Mk3 Golf - 1.4-2.0 including diesel, AEX, AEE, AAM, ADY, ADZ, ABF, AEK, AFT, AEP, AGG, ACC, 1Y, 1Z, AFN, AAZ, AEY
Mk4 Golf - 1.4-2.0 including diesel, AHQ, AKQ, APE, AXP, ATN, AUS, AZD, AGN, AGU, AUM, AGP, AQM, AGR, ALH, AHF, ASV, ATD, AJM, AUY, ARL
T4 - 1.9-2.0 AAC, and diesel ABL
T5 - 1.9 diesel and 2.0 Petrol, AXA, AXC, AXBM CAAA, CAAB, CAAD, CAAE, CAAC, CFCA


Good Quality


0.0380 kg

For Vehicles

Corrado 1989-1995 | Golf Mk2 1987-1992 | Golf Mk3 1992-1998 | Polo 1982-1994 | Scirocco 1984-1992 | T4 1991-2003 | T5 2003-2015

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