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Fire at VW Heritage

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It was a bad day at VW Heritage yesterday as over 50 staff were evacuated from our building in Burgess Hill, standing well away while we watched flames engulf our T25 Caravelle, before the Fire Brigade had arrived it had spread to claim 4 others and damage a couple more.

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Better in a Jetta? Time will tell!

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Allow us to introduce you to the latest member of the VW Heritage fleet. (Technically it’s not, having been lurking in the shadows for a number of years, but the time has now come for the spotlight to shine in its general direction and something is being done about it). It is a 1981, Polish import, Mk1 Jetta Coupe, finished in a few shades of Nevada Beige. Continue reading

Big Bang bonanza!

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We’re always up for friendly family VW meets – and Santa Pod’s recent Big Bang event had just the right mix of laid back camping frolics, general partying, displays of cars and drag strip shenanigans – plus a rather unusual ‘human powered’ race along the famous Santa Pod quarter mile. Our Anna Richardson went along for an inaugural weekend away in her new silver T5 to grab some snaps and check out the craic!

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Picture this!

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Historically, VWs, and foreign cars in general for that matter, were viewed with suspicion in the UK. How times have changed! Car buyers were slowly won over by a handful of trendsetters who put their faith in the first ‘strange German cars’ and started driving around in Beetles, Variants and early buses. One such pioneer was William Hart, who had his own photographic business in Stourbridge – an enterprise which continues to flourish under the direction of his two sons, Linton and Gordon – the former of which tells the fascinating and previously untold story of his family’s long-lasting association with VWs which started soon after WW2…

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Golf – 40 years young!

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In case you’ve been living under a rock somewhere or your head’s been welded to the floorpan of a rusty Dub, you’ll know that the Golf celebrates its 40th birthday this year. Yep, that’s right – the water-pumping newcomer, the most successful European car of all time with over 30 million sold, has reached the big four-0!

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Carry on glamping!

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Glamping, or ‘glamorous camping’ has become very popular in recent years with specialist sites popping up not only in the UK, but Europe, USA and Australia. Glamping was first aimed at people who wanted to camp in the countryside, but were put off by the conditions associated with traditional camping such as the cold, the wet and the creepy crawlies. From yurts fully decked out with silk fabrics and floorboards, to opulent gypsy caravans and even upscale tree houses, every glamping site is different. They normally combine the freedom and back to nature feel of camping with the kind of luxury and comfort usually associated with a 4 or 5 star hotel room, and for a similar sort of price!

But with a VW bus and a half decent tent you can have all the comfort and glamour at a fraction of the price. Mike Payton from Discover Glamping offers some top tips for a glammed-up camp.

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Herbie really does ride again!

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Okay we know it’s only a film but come on, admit it, however ludicrous it seems, it’s hard not to feel a pang of excitement when you sit down and watch an old DVD of Herbie weaving effortlessly through a field of ‘60s motor racing exotica. Yet for Italian racing driver and VW Heritage customer Antonio Lucente, the movie scene became reality when he took to the track in a 1965 race prepped Beetle, claiming a host of notable victories in the process…

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